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Scrap Metal Shears Products
scrap metal shear Hydraulic driving suitable for metal recycling.
RMS series alligator shear is used for cold-state shear of metals with various section forms, such as round steel, square steel, U-steel, angle steel, beam and steel plate, etc, as well as all kinds of waste metal structures. It makes them superior charging material and easy to store and transport. It can be used for the metal recycling industry, casting and melting industry, as well as construction industry, etc.

Scrap Metal Shears Products Show

mini alligator shears ,mini alligator shears pic
Mini Alligator Shears

alligator shears rms-63, scrap alligator shears
Alligator Shears RMS-63

hydraulic alligator shear, alligator shears rms-100
Alligator Shears RMS-100

metal cutting machinery , alligator shears rms-120
Alligator Shears RMS-120

scrap aluminium alloy shears , alligator shears rms-160
Alligator Shears RMS-160

scrap rebar cutter , alligator shears rms-200
Alligator Shears RMS-200

Aluminum Windows shears , alligator shears rms-250
Alligator Shears RMS-250